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Apple Pie, Cherry Pie, Home Pi

Happy National Pi Day 3.14.16

Did you know that Pi can be used to build and design the perfect circular home?  Use Pi to find….. Circumference: the perimeter, or exterior boundary, of a circular home Did you know? The exterior boundary (circumference) of a circular home has “superior structural strength. A testament to round buildings around the globe, they are...

9 Tips to a Higher Home Appraisal

When buying, selling or refinancing, an appraisal is an often overlooked aspect of the transaction.  Appraisals are typically required to assess the property’s value to make sure that it is worth the contract price, and many a real estate transaction has gone awry due to the appraisal reflecting a market value that is too low.  This will...

Make your Home a Baby Safe Zone

Make your Hpme a Baby Safe Zone

They always say “the tiniest feet make the largest footprints in our hearts.” Though it’s true, babies also give you a run for your money, and of course, your sanity, as you constantly have to stay alert for potential dangers and hazards. Baby proofing your home before your child learns to crawl and walk is necessary to keep your peace of...

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