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10,000 Baby Boomers Turn 65 Each Day

An AARP survey, dated back to 2010, has revealed a shocking but true statistic about a generation we may not have paid as much attention to as we should have. The first Baby Boomers (born in 1946) turned 65 in 2011 and an estimated 10,000 more reach 65 every day since. Though data has shown a decrease in the amount of baby boomers relocating...

9 Money Tips for Kids

9 Money Tips for Kids | blog.phmc.com

There are currently a few debates in this country that involve the cost of college, student loans, the high balances of debt students are graduating with, and a repayment problem.  There are even bigger debates on potential solutions to these issues.  However, has anyone stopped to take a step back, and ask if we did enough to educate...

Baby Boomers are on the Move

Baby Boomers on the Move

The Baby Boomer generation is massive and on the move. Beginning in 2015, the housing market is projected to increase. Why? Baby Boomers are asking themselves, “should I stay or should I go?” Most Boomers are already retired or approaching retirement. Retirement = FREEDOM: no more worrying about their children or staying where the money is! A...

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