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When it’s Time to Raise the Roof

When its time to raise the roof | blog.phmc.com

Ignoring something painful or expensive and putting it out of your mind may make you feel better initially, but that doesn’t make it go away. For example, not thinking about a credit card bill doesn’t make it disappear (in fact you’ll probably end up with a late fee on top of the original bill). What about a cavity? Ignoring it won’t make...

Stages of Life… Roll the Dice!

Stages of Life and Average net Worth

The game of life, in a sense, is like a board game. We roll the dice, hoping to roll the perfect number that lands us where we want to end. For many of us, these dice rolls don’t always turn out as we planned. Each space acts as a checkpoint in our lives and tells a story of how we got there. Our priorities are what causes us to make choices. A...

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