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“Platinum Rocked my Socks Off!”

October Free Mortgage Payment Winner: Andrew L.

A young, Idaho family bought their first home just in time to cozy up this holiday season. Andy M. and his family have more to be thankful for this year than just their new home. Two days before Thanksgiving, they received the news that they won a free mortgage payment! We are honored to hear how Platinum affected a family’s past, present, and...

Go Big AND Go Home

August Free Mortgage Payment Winner: Nathan L.

Help us congratulate Nathan and Megan L. on their new home and their free mortgage payment! A local business owner with a growing family once started in a duplex. Two children later, they found the space to be a little tight. Then, they were referred to Platinum from a family friend and were impressed right off the bat (See the review from Nathan...

What Would You Do if You Won?

May Free Mortgage Payment Winner

Rolling Meadows, IL. June 30th 2015–This month’s winner proves that our mortgage consultants keep their customers coming back for decades! 12 years and 3 homes later, George and Jodi’s loyalty and dedication to phmc’s Matt Richter paid off. This was the couple’s third time working with Mr. Richter. George L. laughed and said...

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