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8 Real Estate Trends for 2017

8 Real Estate Trends for 2017 | blog.phmc.com

2016 will be written in the history books as _______ (We’ll let you fill in the blank). The Presidential Election, Chicago Cubs winning the World Series, 2016 Olympics, Brexit, Angelina and Brad divorcing… shall we go on? 2016, you will soon be behind us! 👋 For those of you anticipating the New Year, can you guess what real estate trends...

Women are Raising the Bar

American Business Women's Day|blog.phmc.com

Women today are more driven than ever. They have big dreams and are willing to put in the effort it takes to achieve those dreams. Take a look around and you’ll find women leading companies, starting companies of their own, and holding positions that once were thought to be geared towards men. Today, we celebrate American Business Women’s Day...

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