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Putting the Roar into your Roaring 2020s!

enter to win money for your dreams

People always seem to think that mortgages are not fun, they are serious business.  However, we here at Platinum know that a home loan can be the first step in an exciting new phase…so why not have some fun along the way? Well, over the last few years, we were able to talk the bosses into letting us give away free money 💰💰💰  and THAT...

4 Benefits of a Mortgage Preapproval

4 Benefits to a Mortgage Preapproval

What’s a mortgage preapproval, and why is it important? It assesses your income, assets, debts, and credit history then issues an exact loan amount you qualify for. The preapproval is more than just an extra step added to the mortgage process. In fact, it can benefit home buyers in 4 important ways! Watch the video or scroll below to find out...

3 Major Myths about Housing Down Payments

3 Major myths about Housing Down Payments | blog.phmc.com

Are you reluctantly holding onto your current living situation due to lack of funds for a down payment?  What if a lot of your perceptions on how much money you need to purchase a home were a myth. To buy or not to buy will no longer be a question. Below are 3 common myths debunked about down payments:  • Myth #1: All forms of payment are...

You’re Tustin Time!

You're Tustin Time

Nestled in the heart of Orange County California, lies the quiet city of Tustin. Also known as the City of Trees, this quaint city is labeled as exceptionally livable. It’s equipped with sunny weather, an array of amenities, stable housing markets, and low crime rates, making it a perfect place to call home. Minutes away also lies the city...

9 Money Tips for Kids

9 Money Tips for Kids | blog.phmc.com

There are currently a few debates in this country that involve the cost of college, student loans, the high balances of debt students are graduating with, and a repayment problem.  There are even bigger debates on potential solutions to these issues.  However, has anyone stopped to take a step back, and ask if we did enough to educate...

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