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3 Major Myths about Housing Down Payments

3 Major myths about Housing Down Payments | blog.phmc.com

Are you reluctantly holding onto your current living situation due to lack of funds for a down payment?  What if a lot of your perceptions on how much money you need to purchase a home were a myth. To buy or not to buy will no longer be a question. Below are 3 common myths debunked about down payments:  • Myth #1: All forms of payment are...

9 Money Tips for Kids

9 Money Tips for Kids | blog.phmc.com

There are currently a few debates in this country that involve the cost of college, student loans, the high balances of debt students are graduating with, and a repayment problem.  There are even bigger debates on potential solutions to these issues.  However, has anyone stopped to take a step back, and ask if we did enough to educate...

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