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Reuniendo a Jóvenes y Adultos Mayores: 6 Ideas para su Próxima Casa Multigeneracional

Los hogares multigeneracionales en bienes raíces han estado teniendo una tendencia al alza, y esto continúa desde 2009. Las estadísticas demuestran que 1 de cada 5 estadounidenses vive en un hogar multigeneracional; es decir, una o más generaciones de adultos viven bajo un mismo techo, según datos recientes publicados por Pew Research...

Before you Buy: Is the Property FHA and VA Approved?

Before you Buy: Is the Property FHA and VA Approved? | blog.phmc.com

Attention ⚠️ first-time, repeat buyers, and investors‼️ If you’re looking to purchase a condo, town home, or planned-unit development property and reap the benefits of low down payment requirements of FHA or VA loan options, did you check to see if the condo is approved? Many purchasers of these types of properties remain unaware of the...

Go Big AND Go Home: Jumbo Loans are Back

High Cost conforming and jumbo home loans are back. Homeowners wanting to buy homes over $453,100 now have more options. Find this image on blog.phmc.com

Updated: 11/27/2018 Up until recently, home buyers looking to buy a home in more expensive areas were left in limbo. Here’s why: Lenders had tightened the requirements on jumbo loan options making it hard to qualify for, or they did not offer them at all.  Other loan options (conforming and/or government) were also not ideal for their needs...

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