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9 Ways to Show Dad He’s Better than Mom

9 Ways to Show Dad is Betther than Mom | blog.phmc.com

Remember all the times mom said no, but dad said yes? These are for all the procrastinators out there that still want to show dad they care. All of these low-cost gifts can be completed by Sunday! Which gift fits your dad best? Click each image for more information: Show us your completed DIY craft for Dad!

Top 10 Tools for your Toolbox

Top 10 Tools for your Toolbox

Don’t leave those pesky, minor fixes as a frustration — DIY! You don’t need to spend an arm and leg to call in a maintenance worker to repair some of the little things that go wrong in a home. With these 10 top tools, your toolbox will carry just the right tool for your everyday fixes. With a quick YouTube tutorial and the right tools...

15 Ways to Organize Your Home

15 Ways to Organize Your Home

Clutter–it’s a common homeowner frustration, whether it’s the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or even the garage. Clutter is everywhere! Summer is just around the corner, and the best way to kick back and relax is to have a clutter-free home. Don’t know where to start? Use these organizing tips as your guide. Bathroom: Mason...

Last Minute Gifts for Mom

Last minute gifts for Mom

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, so mark it on the calendar if you haven’t already! Sometimes holidays can approach us too quickly, but don’t worry. If you’re not prepared with the perfect gift, Pinterest can save the day with cheap, last-minute gift ideas that moms around the world are destined to cherish forever. Ask yourself these questions...

Spend S’more Time Outdoors

Spend S'more Time Outdoors

Who’s ready for some s’mores, laughs, and memories this year? Throw a bonfire to make your backyard the place your family and friends want to be! Spring is upon us; summer and fall await us, making it the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors. Soon the smell of toasted marshmallows smothered in chocolate will be in the air, and that’s not...

Staycation 2015


It’s Spring Break, and the news feed on your social media is blowing up with posts of your friends on planes or laying on the beach sipping a fruity drink–Jealous because you don’t have big plans?  It probably feels like the entire Facebook world is on vacation but you. Don’t let it ruin your break! Instead, give yourself something to...

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