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What Buyers Want

What Buyers Want | blog.phmc.com

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if we knew exactly what people wanted at any given time? Unfortunately, we can’t all be Mel Gibson and suffer from a freak accident allowing you to get into the minds of the people you meet everyday. Lucky for us, Zillow released a report in late 2016 on Housing Consumer Trends. REALTORS®, with this...

Your American Dream NOT Up in Smoke

Your American Dream Not Up in SMoke: Fire Prevention Day

House fires are accidental, unpredictable, and deadly. They spread fast, and heat and smoke can be just as dangerous as the flames. However, unlike most disasters, fires can be prevented. In honor of National Fire Prevention Day and Week, print and use this guide to help you identify potential fire hazards around the house. Click below to watch...

Ready or Not, Here They Come

Ready or Not, Here They Come

The term “Millennial” seems to be the topic of conversation lately, and frankly, we have to get used to it. Millennials are about to be more than just a buzzword. This massive generation of approximately 80 million is about to take over the housing market. Much is to blame for the Millennials’ delay in joining the housing market: student...

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