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PHMC’s Money Machine WINNERS!

PHMC's Money Machine Sweepstakes Winners round 5 winners: Alexander S. - $2,000, Arnold D. - $1,000, Dennis C. - $500. Find this image on blog.phmc.com

Have you heard?! 👂 Platinum Home Mortgage is giving away $2,000, $1,000, or $500 to 3 lucky winners every 2 months! Spread the word and enter to win at www.phmc.com/win. You do not have to be a Platinum customer, and no purchase necessary! Want more details? Click here to find more information on this year’s sweepstakes: PHMC’s...

Only $10K and 24 Hours

The first residental home was printed by a 3-D printer in Russia. There are still many positives and negatives to 3-D printed homes. Find this image on blog.phmc.com

The usual single family home takes approximately 7 months to build from start to finish. In 2017, the first on-site residential house was built in just a single day. How is that even possible? Will this have a positive or negative impact on construction? Here are some pros & cons of 3-D printed homes: Lower price 💰 The home in the above...

What Buyers Want

What Buyers Want | blog.phmc.com

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if we knew exactly what people wanted at any given time? Unfortunately, we can’t all be Mel Gibson and suffer from a freak accident allowing you to get into the minds of the people you meet everyday. Lucky for us, Zillow released a report in late 2016 on Housing Consumer Trends. REALTORS®, with this...

8 Real Estate Trends for 2017

8 Real Estate Trends for 2017 | blog.phmc.com

2016 will be written in the history books as _______ (We’ll let you fill in the blank). The Presidential Election, Chicago Cubs winning the World Series, 2016 Olympics, Brexit, Angelina and Brad divorcing… shall we go on? 2016, you will soon be behind us! 👋 For those of you anticipating the New Year, can you guess what real estate trends...

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