Author - Caitlin Murphy

Roosevelt – Seattle, WA: A Gem in the Emerald City

Roosevelt - Seattle, Washington

There’s more to Seattle than a good cup of coffee. Named after Theodore Roosevelt, this peppy neighborhood, is one of the many perks of Seattle life. The Roosevelt neighborhood is green with plant life and parks but also has a lively business district and plenty of boutique shops, restaurants, and other amenities close by. It’s great to enjoy...

El Camino Real – Irvine, CA: A True Keeper

El Camino Real - Irvine CA

“‘Nobody sells in that area if they’re happy,’” said Kim O’Hare, a Redfin agent. “Because of that, buyers will grab even a home that needs work.” El Camino Real is considered an older stretch of Irvine, but that isn’t stopping the neighborhood’s market to heat up over the past few years. How is an older part of Irvine so hot...

Home Security at your Fingertips

Home Security at your Fingertips

Did you lock the door and shut the garage before you left for work this morning? Are your children safe if you run to the store for a few minutes? Did you lose sleep over that eerie noise you heard last night? You’re not the only one! We’re all guilty of obsessing–maybe a little too much–about feeling secure in our own homes. Could...

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