PHMC’s Outside-of-the-Box Solutions for Home Financing

PHMC's Out-of-the-Box Solutions for Home Financing |

If you can answer “yes” to any of the below questions, you’ve probably been refused a home loan because your qualifications are outside the norm: Are you self employed? Investor with 4 or more financed properties? Credit issues? More assets than money in the bank? Foreign national? For every reason other banks and lenders said “you can’t qualify,” we say “you can!” At Platinum, we understand not all buyers will fit the profile for traditional financing.

Find your scenario below matched with PHMC’s outside-of-the-box home financing solutions:

Not all Home Buyers Conform to the Norm: PHMC’s Solutions to Out-of-the-Box Home Financing I can’t buy a home because…. PHMC’s Solution I am self employed •Use bank statements to qualify •No W2s or tax returns required I have suffered a housing default•Minimal seasoning (waiting periods) • Foreclosure/Short Sale/Deed-in-lieu: 1 day from date of completion • Chapter 7 & 13 Bankruptcy: 1 year from date of dismissal or discharge I am looking for a new job and will be relocating•Move into your new home up to 120 days prior to your start date of your new job I am an investor who financed 4+ properties •Loans up to $5 million •Up to 20 financed properties •Foreign nationals & non-permanent resident aliens •24-month seasoning (waiting period) from bankruptcy I am a medical professional with student loan debt •Medical Doctor Loan Program •Low money down & gifts acceptable •Medical student loan debt not to be used in underwriting process •Future income & salary increases may be used for qualification I have a low credit score •Programs with credit scores as low as 500 I am short in cash but rich in assets •Use liquid assets for full documentation and debt-to-income requirements—without cashing them out •Pledged assets: use liquid assets to increase down payment •Great for retirees, self-employment, trust income recipients, and corp. buy-outs | find this image on

Can you relate to any of the above scenarios?
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