Amazon Key: Crossing the Line or Making Lives Easier?

Amazon Key: Crossing the Line or Making Lives Easier?

It comes to no surprise that 98% of consumers shop on Amazon (at least sometimes), and 48% of them have an Amazon Prime account. Now, Amazon users aren’t just using the retail giant to purchase the fast, 2-day shipping of everyday items. Some say Amazon has taken complete control over the lives of consumers (and the world), others argue that consumers now have the convenience they’ve been looking for: an online, one-stop shop with everything they could imagine.

In lieu of stolen packages, Amazon’s next product launch will guarantee Amazon packages end up not just at your door, but inside your home–ah, yes, safe and sound. Today’s homeowners in 37 cities are handing over access to their homes to relieve their package-delivery anxieties with Amazon Key.

How it works 🔐:

1. Must be an Amazon Prime member

2. Purchase and install Amazon Key Home Kit:

  • Smart Lock
  • Amazon Cloud Cam – install on a wall inside the home, facing your door. Place the camera no more than 25 feet from your front door.

3. Download the app on your smart phone

4. Opt-in to in-home delivery

Pros 👍:
  • Lock/unlock your front door from anywhere
  • Works with Alexa
  • Live view option to check your door status
  • Watch live video footage or save it for later
  • 2-way audio to check in at home
  • In-home delivery:
    • Notifications of upcoming delivery + delivery status
    • Watch the delivery live from the app or save for later
  • No longer need a key
  • Give temporary access to babysitters, dog walkers, neighbors, etc.
Cons 👎:
  • Only compatible with standard deadbolt locks
  • Only works when connected to Wi-Fi
  • Security risks
  • Privacy risks
  • Pet risks
  • 24-7 surveillance to Amazon?

A happy customer using the product says “it’s the future. I love that I no longer have to fidget with a key.” On the contrary, others think we are trading our security for convenience, and Amazon is getting a little too close for comfort.

In fact, Rhino Security Labs posted a video on how easy it is for hackers to disconnect the Amazon Cloud Cam to allow the “deliveryman” to gain re-entry of the home.

That’s not even the creepiest part… the method used in the video below is publicly available and well known to temporarily knock devices offline!

Are we trading our security for convenience with Amazon Key?
Readers, you tell us! Take the poll below 

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