Only $10K and 24 Hours

The first residental home was printed by a 3-D printer in Russia. There are still many positives and negatives to 3-D printed homes. Find this image on

The usual single family home takes approximately 7 months to build from start to finish. In 2017, the first on-site residential house was built in just a single day. How is that even possible? Will this have a positive or negative impact on construction?

Here are some pros & cons of 3-D printed homes:

Lower price 💰

The home in the above video not only took an impressive 24 hours to build, but the best part is, it only cost $10k! How is this possible?

  • Less labor costs
  • Less time needed
  • Produce much less waste

Design options 🏠

Cookie-cutter homes will no longer have to be an option. The design capability of a 3-D printer allows the buyer to have more control over the look of the home.

Technology availability 🖥️

Are we technologically equipped to start now? “It’s still very early,” says Aric Rindfleisch, executive director of the Illinois MakerLab. “We’re probably back to where the computer industry was in 1982,” as quoted in an article by Right now, it is hard to tell how fast 3-D printing will be more common when building homes. Rindfleisch says technology is behind about 25 years, but other experts say its coming faster than we think.

Chinese Courtyards Shenghei

villa china

Lack of materials 🌎

One of the largest hurdles of 3-D printing is the lack of materials. Researchers and scientists are vastly on the hunt for cement and other raw materials. The search of other usable resources in 3-D printers is said to be progressing rapidly but is still holding back the use of more 3-D printers to build homes.

Job loss 👷‍♂️

Experts say that the more 3-D printing will reduce the number of employees needed because the machines do most of the work. Is this good for our economy?

This is the home that was built in just 24 hours! 👇

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