Platinum Puts the “P” in Palatine

Platinum Puts the "P" in Palatine

Palatine, Ill., October 20, 2015 — Platinum is popping up all over the US. We are very excited to welcome our newest branch located in Palatine, IL, a Northwest suburb of Chicago. Let’s give a warm welcome and special shout out to our new additions to the Platinum family:

Steven Gramarossa, Midwest Regional Manager, 26 years in the mortgage industry

steven gramarossa “My favorite part about working in the industry is that you have the power to choose your success. I’ve seen many people succeed within the industry. On the road back home after a work day, you reminisce
about how rewarding this industry can be in multiple ways: building your own success, watching people grow professionally, and helping customers achieve the very important life goal of home ownership. We are now looking to grow our new team–interested mortgage consultants click here.

I try to help the community in my professional and personal life. I participate in events by Little Angels for children with  special needs. I also volunteer for PAWS since I am an animal lover. I have two dogs at home myself. I often take long motorcycle rides to relax when the weather cooperates.”

PAWS Chicago

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Stephanie Maentanis, Branch Operations Manager, 9 years of mortgage experience

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“Though my main role has changed from mortgage consultant to Operations Manager, I still originate loans. I love working with people and truly appreciate the loyalty my customers have to me. I take each loan I work on very personally and I love to help people achieve their financial goals in real estate. One of my ultimate goals is to keep our team growing and be the best mentor I can be. I am excited to pass Feed my Starving Childrendown the positive aspects of the mortgage business to others. Platinum is a wonderful and exciting company to be a part of and I am happy to be here. 

I am a mother of a 7 year-old son and spend the majority of my free time doing all the activities a 7 year-old boy loves to do. I fully support local and nationwide charities and businesses. My family and I also try to give back to our communities by volunteering for Feed My Starving Children. Last year, I sponsored a friend’s movie called the “Gordian Knot” he filmed in the Palatine area and was given a small role.”

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Stewart Strizak, Branch Manager, 12 years in the mortgage industry

Stewart | Palatine |

“I started in this industry as a mortgage consultant, and I’ve been affiliated with Steven Gramarossa for years. I am 75 years old and enjoy the ever-changing mortgage industry for multiple reasons. It gives me tremendous satisfaction to help people get into their homes, just for the simple look on our customers’ faces–priceless! Overcoming the pitfalls and hurdles during the process is my favorite part. I’m excited to combine my expertise with Platinum; they are very adaptable with many different perspectives.

One of my goals is to join the Divorce Lending Association, where experienced mortgage consultants work with attorneys and their customers to explain them their rights and options. Outside of my professional career, I love watching my four grandchildren grow and experience life.” 

Divorce Lending Association

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 Chris Stefo, Senior Mortgage Consultant

“I bring 13 years of experience in the banking and finance industry.Chris Stefo
I have my Masters in Accounting from Benedictine University and Bachelors in BusinessChris Stefo & Wife from Loyola University Chicago. This is a very rewarding industry; I love helping people afford a home or save money on household expenses through

I lived in Chicago my whole life and wouldn’t live in any other city.  I am married with 3 kids. I am a big sports fan and love to stay active. I volunteer as a youth hockey, football, and baseball coach. My personal interests are playing ice hockey, biking, and skiing.”

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 Allison Brown, Mortgage Consultant

“In the past, I bought REOs and flipped them. My team at Platinum Palatine has been great–Allison 2I feel welcome and they treat me like family. Stephanie, Stewart, Nico, Jillian, and Steve all help show me the ropes. It’s always a team effort to get every loan completed. I truly feel like I am working with some of the best in the business! Not only do I feel like my career is safe at Platinum but also the financial future of every client we work with.

I actually have my own business, Crown Piano Inc., and I teach in-home piano lessons to 42 students in Glen Ellyn. I have been doing that for 11 years full time and several years prior to that part time. I started teaching on the side while Allison BrownI was pursuing my undergraduate degree at Loyola, where I was a pre-law major. While teaching, I became interested in the flipping business with a partner, and I really enjoyed my time in the real estate market. I still enjoy teaching, but I also like variety and believe in reinventing yourself. I’ve always been drawn to real estate and enjoy pursuing it from the lending side.

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Nico Gramarossa, Mortgage Consultant

nico g 2“I always say ‘I’m going to succeed because I’m crazy enough to think I can.’ Back in 5th grade, I already knew that I wanted to be in real estate finance. In our yearbooks, it asked what we want to do when we are older; of course, I said Loan Originator, so I could follow in my father’s footsteps. Nico Gramarossa12 years later, I am a licensed mortgage consultant.

I bring a youth aspect to our team and try to recruit younger generations into the industry, whether it’s a Realtor or a mortgage consultant. Younger buyers are about to take over the market. I believe that technology is important to our team and industry as whole. I try to implement new strategies to make the mortgage processes easier and customer friendly.”

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 Jillian Lombardi, Processing Assistant

jill and stephanie

“The mortgage process involves many different people, not just the mortgage consultant and the customer. I am proud to be part of helping people achieve their dream of homeownership. I try my best to ensure that the loan is ready to be sent to the banks and has all of the right components for approval.

I love building strong relationships built on trust with all of our customers. The best part about my contribution to the file is providing the customer with timely and periodic status updates of their loan application. I like being a reliable contact for them for questions or a quick status update. I spend my free time with other important relationships in my life: my friends and family.”

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