Kick Your Old School Ways: Build a Successful Online Presence

What is social media? Some might say it distracts us from our daily tasks–especially the important ones–or entertains us when we’re bored, BUT social media does much more. It keeps us connected with the world. News, images, and people, are just a click, swipe, or scroll away. When used appropriately and effectively, professionals can use numerous social media sites to their advantage, but to build a successful online presence is not necessarily a cakewalk.

One of the most important components of running a successful, professional social media profile is to analyze your audience. Social media users generally dedicate their profile to themselves or their profession, which is a common mistake. In order to gain exposure, post information based on your audience. For example, realtors have a specific audience: buyers and sellers. It may seem simple, but all social media sites also have a core audience, meaning certain demographic groups are most active on each site.

Your specific audience + social media core audiences = more clicks, likes, shares, followers, and most of all, clientele!

Study these social media demographics and use these tips to help boost your clientele and your online presence:

1. Post about your neighborhood.  Show that you’re passionate about your area to prospective buyers. Most of the time, the neighborhood can make or break the decision to buy. Talk up your neighborhood based on your clients’ wants and needs:

    • Local Events
    • Parks and recreation
    • Transportation options
    • Charity Events

2. Post your listings. Your posts should consist of an 80/20 split. If you constantly post about your business, your audience will lose interest. 80% of posts should engage your audience and the other 20% based on business.

    • Set up a Pinterest Board with new homes for sale
    • Send a snap on Snapchat of homes a specific client may be interested in
    • Post videos of your new listings on Youtube

3. Use images. A picture is worth 1,000 words, and it’s the truth. Images are the most engaging types of content. The more likes, comments, and shares your posts get, the more they will be viewed in others’ news feeds. Remember what rooms sell a house:

    • Kitchen
    • Bathroom
    • Bedroom

4. Ask them questions. Don’t just post bold statements. Throw in some questions–it’s an invitation to engage. Try these for example:

    • What’s your favorite part about moving to a new home? #Moving #NewHome
    • What would your ideal kitchen look like? #Kitchens #NewHome
    • How often do you renovate your home? #Renovations #HomeDecor

5. Update News. Twitter is one of the best social sites to use for news. If there is any positive news, post about it. Anything that portrays a great neighborhood feel is important.

    • Library
    • School system
    • Local shopping centers/entertainment

6. Use hashtags. (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Google+) Clumping together posts of similar topics can make your post more reachable by a mass audience, not just your followers. Anyone searching for specific information or images can easily stumble upon your post. These are some examples of popular hashtags for Realtors:

    • #RealEstate
    • #OpenHouse
    • #JustListed
    • #NewHome

7. Host Contests. Contests introduce a creative way to interact with your audience. They not only increase your likes, clicks, or followers, they actually help build a strong relationship with your clientele. The more you relate to and engage with them, the more likely you will be referred. Try some of these:

*Data Source:

*Image Disclaimer: Numbers represent % of online adults who use social media websites.

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  • A tactic that I see a lot, and tend to be more interactive with is when the posts are personable. No one wants to read something that sounds like it’s coming from a robot…or something that’s just too “salesy” (that’s a word, right…?). People want engagement! Thanks for posting this!

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