Secure a Mortgage while Keeping your Information Safe

Secure a Mortgage While Keeping your Information Safe

It’s almost impossible to count how many times a day we give our personal, secure information out for numerous reasons. The world is continuously flooded with new technology: internet, smartphones, apps, tablets, etc. Since the internet boom, the completion of important tasks is available to us 24/7–no matter where we are. Bill pay, banking, document signatures, and emailing are just a few examples, and they are all right at our fingertips. With this being said, security tactics are constantly reevaluated and created. As we use your online devices, we become more cautious of our secured information. Here at Platinum, we do the same–keeping your protected information secure is important to us.

We’ve developed many different strategies for collecting your information while keeping it secure, but that doesn’t mean applying for your loan isn’t easy! All necessary documents and information remain at a touch of a button but still have the right protection it needs. Platinum offers our customers secure, online tools to help you submit and sign your documents without being physically present.

Purchase/Refinance Online Loan Inquiries:

Are you considering purchasing or refinancing? To inquire about our various loan options, we don’t ask you for any sensitive information. You can submit your name, email, phone number, and state. Then, we will pair you with the right mortgage consultant to contact you.

Loan inquiry - Secure a mortgage while keeping your information safe

Free Online Mortgage Loan Application:

Ready to be a homeowner or lower your current rate? Our mortgage application is also located on our website. You can easily find our secure application online, just type followed by your loan officers first initial and last name.

Loan Application - Secure a mortgage while keeping your information safe

Secure Document File Drop:

Docs, docs, and more docs! Submitting your documents is easier than ever at Platinum–and its secure! We have a protected digital dropbox for each of our mortgage consultants, so when you’re ready to submit, stop by your mortgage consultant’s website to submit ALL of your documents securely in just a few clicks!

Secure file drop - Secure a mortgage while keeping your information safe


After you’ve fully reviewed your documents and are ready to sign, our e-signature system is quick and easy. With a click of a button, you’re directed to the signature line. Some of your documents can be signed electronically for your convenience.

SecurityAuto Esignature 2

SecurityAuto Esignature 1

Credit Card Authorization:

You won’t be asked to give your credit card information over the phone. In fact, your mortgage consultant won’t even see it. We have an online system that sends you the Credit Card Authorization form electronically via email. Once you complete the form and submit it, your mortgage consultant will be notified by email that it is complete–without showing your information.

Secure CC authorization 1

Secure CC authorization 2 and 3

Online Mortgage Payments:

If you don’t have your mortgage payment set on auto pay, no problem! We offer an encrypted, online payment system for your convenience as well as your safety. To register for access, click here.

Online payment - Secure a mortgage while keeping your information safe


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  • One thing we really appreciated about our lender was that security was a big deal. Everything that was electronic was encrypted, and password protected. The online encrypted payment option is very helpful!

  • Creative piece ! Coincidentally , if anyone is interested a SCAR 255 , my colleague filled out a blank version

  • Nice Post! It is very useful info. I am gain information from this blog. Thanks for sharing this kind of information.

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