8 Features that Will Sweep Buyers Off their Feet

On average, homeowners will move at least 1 time within a 5 year span, according to the US Census Bureau. Does that surprise you? There are a many reasons why people move: additions to the family, empty nesters, retirement, health status, job relocation, or even just the thought that the grass is greener on the other side. The list goes on and on! Whether you are a homeowner itching for a change or foresee moving for any reason in the future, one of your goals is still the same–sell as soon as possible. Here’s a list of features that will sweep buyers off their feet, so you can sell in no time:

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If you’re one of the homeowners that moves frequently or plans to move, keep these tips in mind. When your home has the features buyers want, the selling process is bound to go quicker than expected. Also, don’t forget to also keep your home realtor-ready once on the market!

*Source: http://www.rochesterrealestateblog.com/top-home-features-that-todays-home-buyers-want/

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  • I like that this article focuses on more than just the cosmetic parts of reselling. Things like an energy-efficient furnace, and energy-efficient appliances really sold us on our home. The look and feel of the house was definitely a good selling point, but the extra (not as eye-appealing) items sold us.

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