How to Win 1 of 12 Free Mortgage Payments in 2015

How to Win 1 of 12 Free Mortgage Payments in 2015

I wrote earlier last month that we found a fun and interactive way to give away one free mortgage payment every 30 days. As you might have seen in our previous Financial Resolution blogs, budgeting, cutting personal costs, and building on your savings account helps make life so much easier. Well, there’s no better way to make your life easier than to have Platinum pay the mortgage payment for you!

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the WHO in this is YOU! If we are able to earn your business and close your loan in 2015, you are welcome to join the fun.


the WHAT is your mortgage payment—just sitting there waiting for you to win! 


the WHERE? Well, it is 2015, so the battlefield will be held on our social media sites and blog, of course! We want to interact with you. We want your feedback. Today’s world allows us to communicate—anywhere or anytime—using many platforms. This contest is to help us show you how to get in touch with us.

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the WHEN is easy to remember: every month of 2015 = 1 winner. So, if your loan closed in January 2015, YOUR GAME STARTS NOW! January’s winner will be officially announced Friday, February 28th, 2015, at which time, the next game will begin for all of our February clients. Having fun while earning money = #Winning!

Looking out for home financesthe WHY is a great question: We developed these contests for our customers, our networks, and our communities. We believe we can help more people and their homes for the long haul through giving back. By giving 12 families a chance to win a mortgage payment and save up to $3K—this gives families many possibilities: add funds to a savings account, increase discretionary spending, or even donate to a charity.

Close-up Hand holding smart phone with blurred nature backgroundthe HOW is definitely the fun part. For January, we will be using Rafflecopter. It is a neat tool that will be used as a guide throughout our contest. Every day, our contestants will be able to sign in (below), check their current standing in the raffle, then interact with any of the various social media platforms they prefer. Every time you play along, you instantly earn a higher chance to win that mortgage payment.

Now that the groundwork has been laid, if you are a Platinum customer and closed on your mortgage loan in January 2015, click here, log into the raffle and follow directions, to try to win your next mortgage payment!  To begin, you must enter the Platinum Home Mortgage loan number that was assigned to you for your closing or your property address.


Have fun and good luck to everyone.



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