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Happy New Year 2015

William Giambrone, CEO

For almost a decade, there are people who have experienced feelings of buyers’ remorse since the economy could not support the value of their homes. We applaud the government relief programs put in place, such as HARP, to help people lower their monthly housing expenses. If you were able to benefit from a refinance in the past few years and lower your monthly mortgage payment, every single month going forward you are in much better shape. For example – $300.00 less per month = an extra $18,000.00 real cash in your bank account over the next 5 years alone! HARP was able to provide relief to so many families, yet the stigma on mortgage companies has yet to be repaired. In correlation with a few other goals, our mission in 2015 is to change that perspective by focusing on 3 things:

  1. Style
  2. Communication
  3. Giving Back

Style – over the next few weeks and months, you are going to see a brand new set of goals from our team. We are most excited with our new Blog – if we can help lower your monthly mortgage payments, then we can also share good ideas on many topics associated with your home. At this particular time of the year, New Year’s Resolutions are everyone’s favorite topic. I asked my team to find 4 different ways to dig real ca$h out of your daily spending life, and stash it back into your savings account. Watch for them Wednesdays this January.

Communication – we have recently completed a few internal processes to now service all of our clients better coast-to-coast. Not everyone is fully aware that we are a full service lender and do not sell all our loans after closing. Our portfolio of mortgage loans has grown into the $BB’s as we strive to be your lender for life. Please use any and all of the following options below, to keep in touch and provide feedback. We will always look to insure the best experience possible.

I would also like to announce that my personal resolution for 2015 is to finally participate in Social Media. I invite you to follow me on Twitter: @PlatinumCEOBill specifically, as I am involved with all areas of Platinum on a daily basis. Hopefully I am able to provide some helpful information from time to time.

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Giving Back – One of my greatest frustrations are contests that are almost impossible to win. Sometimes it feels you have a better chance of winning the lottery or getting struck by lightning! So today I am officially announcing that the following 2 contests will produce a real winner each and every month of 2015 = 24 real winners!

1. Free Mortgage Payment


Every Platinum loan closing in 2015 will be entered into a monthly raffle where 1 lucky customer will have the entire mortgage payment paid for the following month! Every winner will be announced the last business day of each month of 2015.

2. College Scholarships


This is near and dear to me since my oldest daughter is approaching her college years. I believe as many people as possible should have the chance to go to college for a better future. The true heroes of our country are Veterans, Doctors, Nurses, and many more. Please visit www.SuperHeroStateUniversity.com for more information.

On behalf of all of us at Platinum – Happy 2015 Everyone!

The Giambrone Family

     William Giambrone, CEO


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William Giambrone

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  • To whomever it may concern,

    I am reaching out to whoever this reaches and has a kind caring heart. My husband Christopher J McAninch, served four years in war as a Marine. When he came home for good, we purchased our first home with you Platinum Home Mortgage. We have all been first time home buyers at one point or another. New to the “real world” and not having a clue in the real estate, mortgage, or home buying world. We purchase our first home, and we had hope it would be a forever home. 1897 N US Highway 35 Logansport, IN 46947. I remember this day like it was yesterday and it brings so much joy to me. We fell in love with this property and was ready to put our heart and soul into it. Unfortunately after serving four years overseas, coming back into reality is a rough adjustment, not only emotionally but financially with finding a new career. My husband landed in the hands of the Union Ironworkers. The job that promised the best outcome in the long run. Winter came with a long layoff, and I was pregnant with our first child. Chris was laid off quite awhile, while I was work full and overtime and living off of unemployment. Our mortgage statement came one month stating our payment increase from $622 to $800+ Being laid off this sent us into a panic. We were scraping by to pay the $622 payment. We frantically called Platinum and the title company, and the court house trying to find out WHY. Turns out our escrow went under, due to our deed stating we were purchasing 11 acres instead of the 2.97 something acres we really signed for. SOMEONE, I am not sure who- had messed up somewhere along the road of paperwork. We fell behind and we’re only left with one choice: bankruptcy. We were so behind with the mortgage every chance at keeping our home felt impossible.

    I’m going to cut to the chase. Someone within Platinum messed up. Not only on our deed and paperwork but also when we sold everything to pay our outstanding balance to avoid foreclosure. They didn’t type in our bank routing number correctly and the money never came out which landed us in foreclosure. Most people would throw their hands up and give up. I don’t want to. I am willing to forgive and forget if your guys could too. I would do whatever reasonably possible to keep our home. Restart the mortgage I don’t know. I just know we deserve the chance. We want to keep our home. Not leave it and watch it wither away in the foreclosure process. The pipes will bust. The roof will leak. The property will be forgotten and in bad bad shape while this process continues. I want to stay here and continue to love it. I am asking for a plea agreement, or a second chance at this. I am begging. Please consider this for us. Our family.


    Caroline McAninch

    1897 N Us Highway 35
    Logansport, In 46947

    • Hi Caroline, I’m sorry to hear about your experience. I’ve looked into this and see that Ben Clark, from our Legal Counsel, has reached out to schedule a time to talk next week. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact “[email protected]”. Thank you and have a good rest of your day.

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