Congratulations Jayla M. |

THIS IS IT! Platinum has our last winner for the PHMC Wants to Send you to College: $20,000 sweepstakes!

And the free college money goes to….

Jayla M., a 16 year old high school student! Jayla’s Google search for college contests turned into an extra $5k to help her save the funds for furthering her education! Platinum is grateful to be a part of making college a financial reality for Jayla.

Congratulations Jayla M. |

About Jayla…Congratulations Jayla M. |

• Resides in South Carolina

• Junior in high school

• 3-year cheerleader

• Loves the Spanish language and culture

• Enjoys spending time with friends and family

Plans to attend…

Jayla has not made her official choice just yet, but she has narrowed it down to these two universities:

University of South Carolina (USC):

Loves USC for its atmosphere

USC Campus |

Florida State University (FSU):

Loves FSU for its location

USC Campus |

Wants to major in…


• Interested in helping people solve their problems

Pre-Med (plastic surgeon)

• Wants to help people build more confidence

Plans to use her winnings on…


Congratulations to Jayla M. and our other winners throughout 2016!

GUESS WHAT? We will be releasing more information on how to win more cash from PHMC shortly!

STAY TUNED & watch for more!