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We have our next $5,000 WINNER!

Congratulations Jayla M. | blog.phmc.com

THIS IS IT! Platinum has our last winner for the PHMC Wants to Send you to College: $20,000 sweepstakes! And the free college money goes to…. Jayla M., a 16 year old high school student! Jayla’s Google search for college contests turned into an extra $5k to help her save the funds for furthering her education! Platinum is grateful...

PHMC Wants to Send you to College!

PHMC Wants to Send you to College |blog.phmc.com

Your college years are indeed the best years of your life! Yes, there’s a 10 pound backpack and endless amounts of caffeine involved, paired with an overload of homework and lack of sleep. However, knowledge is power, and that’s not the only bonus from furthering your education. Hear it from some of our own employees: [cycloneslider...

Letter from the CEO

Happy New Year 2015

For almost a decade, there are people who have experienced feelings of buyers’ remorse since the economy could not support the value of their homes. We applaud the government relief programs put in place, such as HARP, to help people lower their monthly housing expenses. If you were able to benefit from a refinance in the past few years and...

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