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A Townhome Can be Many Different Things

A “townhome” can actually fall into all three categories: condominium (condo), Planned Unit Development (PUD), or a single family, attached home without Homeowner Association (HOA) fees. It can be confusing, we know! If you live in a “townhome” or are considering purchasing one, you should be well aware of which category it falls...

Your Townhome is not what you Think it is

Your Townhome is not what you Think it is

The word “townhome” is actually just a marketing term? In the housing industry, a townhome is categorized and defined differently. We are interested in hearing what you consider a townhome to be — take the poll below! Our next article will reveal the correct answer, and we will educate you on what a townhome is categorized and...

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