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Your Career: Rookies into All Stars

Platinum Boot Camp Success

I applied and enrolled into Platinum’s boot camp looking for a career change. I wanted an opportunity that would give me the chance to be rewarded based on my performance. I found out about the boot camp from an old work buddy, while we were both managers at a large car rental company. We were pretty sick of having to wash cars in a suit and...

Platinum Bootcamp: Perks

Platinum Boot Camp Perks

When it comes to change, we can all say we get a little overwhelmed. In the long run, Platinum’s 3 week boot camp could be the opportunity of a lifetime–don’t let it pass you by. “What’s in it for me,” you ask? Our boot camp program offers a wide range of benefits, such as salary and commissions to a rare, exciting way to train in...

Just the Basics: Platinum Bootcamp

platinum bootcamp FAQ

This can be the summer that changes everything! Platinum Home Mortgage is hiring new recruits to join our team and be part of the movement. Do you find yourself burnt out on the droning, repetitive flow of motion at your current job? Are you new to the workforce and ready to take on a competitive, fast-paced career option? You can be well on your...

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