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From the CEO: The Spring Market has Sprung

From the CEO: Spring Market has Sprung | blog.phmc.com

As the US slowly begins to thaw, home buyers and sellers climb out of hibernation and into the spring housing market 2019. While the grass is turning greener, home buyer enthusiasm is also starting to increase. Fannie Mae released its Housing Forecast with positivity for the remainder of the year into 2020. What does the prime season to purchase a...

FED’s Decision: All the Good Stuff

The FEDs Decision: All the Good Stuff

Yes, it happened. The Fed’s decision to raise rates for the first time in over a decade is a buzzing topic everywhere. A common concern floating around conversations is “how will the rate hike affect me?” While higher interest rates have a negative connotation to some, despite the unanswered questions for the change, there is much...

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