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What Buyers Want

What Buyers Want | blog.phmc.com

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if we knew exactly what people wanted at any given time? Unfortunately, we can’t all be Mel Gibson and suffer from a freak accident allowing you to get into the minds of the people you meet everyday. Lucky for us, Zillow released a report in late 2016 on Housing Consumer Trends. REALTORS®, with this...

Your Townhome is not what you Think it is

Your Townhome is not what you Think it is

The word “townhome” is actually just a marketing term? In the housing industry, a townhome is categorized and defined differently. We are interested in hearing what you consider a townhome to be — take the poll below! Our next article will reveal the correct answer, and we will educate you on what a townhome is categorized and...

FHA Reduction Rates; A DIP in MIP

Yesterday, President Obama spoke to the nation in front of many in Phoenix, Arizona, discussing topics from jobs & the economy to FHA & homeownership overall.  There were a few key points that are really awesome news for everyone: “2014 was the strongest year for job growth since the 1990’s… Home sales are up nearly 50% from...

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