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8 Benefits to Help Veterans Buy, Keep, and Sell Homes

8 benefits of the VA home loan for eligible veterans. Find this image on blog.phmc.com

No one deserves the American Dream more than our veterans who fight to protect it. In a recent survey, veterans explain why they have not used the VA home loan benefit. Among the main reasons was lack of information on how to use their VA benefits. In 2016, VA home loan guarantees rose 12% from the previous year. Let’s continue to spread...

Only $10K and 24 Hours

The first residental home was printed by a 3-D printer in Russia. There are still many positives and negatives to 3-D printed homes. Find this image on blog.phmc.com

The usual single family home takes approximately 7 months to build from start to finish. In 2017, the first on-site residential house was built in just a single day. How is that even possible? Will this have a positive or negative impact on construction? Here are some pros & cons of 3-D printed homes: Lower price 💰 The home in the above...

Black Friday of Real Estate

Black Friday of Real Estate | blog.phmc.com

Its  about that time of the year, bargain shoppers! Get your holiday wish lists ready for one of the best days for deal busters: BLACK FRIDAY! What some aspiring home buyers don’t know, is that there’s a “Black Friday of real estate” (and when you’d least expect it too!) Those chilly winter months, when most people...

Apple Pie, Cherry Pie, Home Pi

Happy National Pi Day 3.14.16

Did you know that Pi can be used to build and design the perfect circular home?  Use Pi to find….. Circumference: the perimeter, or exterior boundary, of a circular home Did you know? The exterior boundary (circumference) of a circular home has “superior structural strength. A testament to round buildings around the globe, they are...

Glenview – Oakland, CA: A Lazy Slice of Cali

Glenview - Oakland CA

Described as a “lazy slice of California,” is a lovely neighborhood of bungalows. Glenview‘s residents escape the hustle and bustle of city life by relaxing at some of the main strip’s, Park Boulevard, delicious dining options or a lazy stroll through the many manicured gardens. Not to mention you still get to speed it up if you like...

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