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Employee Spotlight: Andrea Broenneke

Employee Spotlight: Andrea Broenneke

Gold, silver, opal, and other rare minerals are not the only gems found in Idaho’s roots. Mortgage consultant, Andrea Broenneke is another gem to be discovered! She works hard to help Platinum customers settle into their homes to fully enjoy the snow-capped mountains, vast lakes, and steep canyons of Idaho. When she is not helping...

REALTOR® Ready at a Moment’s Notice

Make your home REALTOR® ready at a moment's notice

When you’re living in a home that’s on the market, keeping it realtor-ready can be quite the task. You’re probably hoping for 24-48 hours notice, but homes on the market can be shown at a moment’s notice–ready or not. At times, it may seem as if keeping your home ready is harder than actually selling it; however, there are...

Stages of Life… Roll the Dice!

Stages of Life and Average net Worth

The game of life, in a sense, is like a board game. We roll the dice, hoping to roll the perfect number that lands us where we want to end. For many of us, these dice rolls don’t always turn out as we planned. Each space acts as a checkpoint in our lives and tells a story of how we got there. Our priorities are what causes us to make choices. A...

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