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Thank you Today & Everyday, Gene O’Brien Sr.!

Thank you Today and Everyday | blog.phmc.com

Please help us take a moment to recognize another Platinum employee that fought for freedom in the long, and costly, Vietnam War. Thank you for your service, Gene O’Brien, Sr.! Served in the Air Force Stationed at Nellis AFB in Las Vegas Sergeant with the 474th Combat Group , Tactical Air Command We took care of F-4 Fighters, F-105...

A Special Thank you to the Flores Family

A Special Thank you to the Flores Family | blog.phmc.com

In honor of Veteran’s Day, Platinum Home Mortgage wanted to recognize and thank an employee’s family who served our country. Please help us thank, our very own, Estela Flores‘s son and daughter for fighting for our freedom! Eduardo Flores: Unites States Marine Corps Recruited right out of high school, served from 1997 to...

Baby Boomers are on the Move

Baby Boomers on the Move

The Baby Boomer generation is massive and on the move. Beginning in 2015, the housing market is projected to increase. Why? Baby Boomers are asking themselves, “should I stay or should I go?” Most Boomers are already retired or approaching retirement. Retirement = FREEDOM: no more worrying about their children or staying where the money is! A...

7 Unique Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day

7 Unique Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day

Memorial Day is coming up, and it’s not just a day off to extend the weekend. Instead of lounging around and taking advantage of the long weekend, try something different this year to celebrate Memorial Day’s true meaning. This holiday has an important significance: it is celebrated in remembrance of Americans who have died while fighting for...

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