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Only $10K and 24 Hours

The first residental home was printed by a 3-D printer in Russia. There are still many positives and negatives to 3-D printed homes. Find this image on blog.phmc.com

The usual single family home takes approximately 7 months to build from start to finish. In 2017, the first on-site residential house was built in just a single day. How is that even possible? Will this have a positive or negative impact on construction? Here are some pros & cons of 3-D printed homes: Lower price 💰 The home in the above...

FED’s Decision: All the Good Stuff

The FEDs Decision: All the Good Stuff

Yes, it happened. The Fed’s decision to raise rates for the first time in over a decade is a buzzing topic everywhere. A common concern floating around conversations is “how will the rate hike affect me?” While higher interest rates have a negative connotation to some, despite the unanswered questions for the change, there is much...

Learn More, Earn More

PHMC Platinum bootcamp

Whether a house is a condo, single-family home, McMansion, or a palace, a home is not just an investment–it means much more. Each room gives its own meaning to the word home: Your bedroom: It’s the place you get a good night’s sleep. It’s the first place we see when we wake up and the last when we fall asleep. Your kitchen: It’s...

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