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Divorce: Who Gets Custody?

Divorce: Who Gets the House? | blog.phmc.com

DIVORCE: the anger, confusion, sadness, pain, and loss associated is nothing short of paralyzing. Divorcing couples aren’t just burdened with the traumatic up-root of a marriage, but everything else these couples built together is included. For instance, what was once “the family home” must also be split and divided, which brings them to a...

I Can’t Get Approved for a Mortgage

I Can't Get Approved for a Mortgage | blog.phmc.com

For those of you that were told NO can finally hear YES! Scroll over each image to find the scenario that best fits your situation below: GREAT NEWS! You no longer have to take NO for an answer. Platinum Home Mortgage has found REAL solutions for home buyers that are currently stuck in today’s real estate market. A 5 minute...

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