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Divorce: Who Gets Custody?

Divorce: Who Gets the House? | blog.phmc.com

DIVORCE: the anger, confusion, sadness, pain, and loss associated is nothing short of paralyzing. Divorcing couples aren’t just burdened with the traumatic up-root of a marriage, but everything else these couples built together is included. For instance, what was once “the family home” must also be split and divided, which brings them to a...

I Can’t Get Approved for a Mortgage

I Can't Get Approved for a Mortgage | blog.phmc.com

For those of you that were told NO can finally hear YES! Scroll over each image to find the scenario that best fits your situation below: [virtual_slide_box id=”58″] GREAT NEWS! You no longer have to take NO for an answer. Platinum Home Mortgage has found REAL solutions for home buyers that are currently stuck in today’s...

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