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Women are Raising the Bar

American Business Women's Day|blog.phmc.com

Women today are more driven than ever. They have big dreams and are willing to put in the effort it takes to achieve those dreams. Take a look around and you’ll find women leading companies, starting companies of their own, and holding positions that once were thought to be geared towards men. Today, we celebrate American Business Women’s Day...

phmc’s Jim Bopp Takes Home National Award

Bill Cosgrove, MBA Chairman, Lee Gross, PHMC SVP, Jim Bopp, award recipient, Dave Stevens, MBA President and CEO, and William Giambrone, PHMC CEO

WASHINGTON, D.C (April 2015)– Yesterday, Dave Stevens, President and CEO of the  Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), recognized one member for the Burton C. Wood Legislative Award at the National Advocacy Conference. This award is presented each year, based on superior service to the MBA and dedication to the real estate finance...

Letter from the CEO

Happy New Year 2015

For almost a decade, there are people who have experienced feelings of buyers’ remorse since the economy could not support the value of their homes. We applaud the government relief programs put in place, such as HARP, to help people lower their monthly housing expenses. If you were able to benefit from a refinance in the past few years and...

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