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4 Benefits of a Mortgage Preapproval

4 Benefits to a Mortgage Preapproval

What’s a mortgage preapproval, and why is it important? It assesses your income, assets, debts, and credit history then issues an exact loan amount you qualify for. The preapproval is more than just an extra step added to the mortgage process. In fact, it can benefit home buyers in 4 important ways! Watch the video or scroll below to find out...

Platinum Bootcamp: Perks

Platinum Boot Camp Perks

When it comes to change, we can all say we get a little overwhelmed. In the long run, Platinum’s 3 week boot camp could be the opportunity of a lifetime–don’t let it pass you by. “What’s in it for me,” you ask? Our boot camp program offers a wide range of benefits, such as salary and commissions to a rare, exciting way to train in...

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