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Fresh Mountain Air or Sand Between Your Toes?

Top Places for Vacation Homes and Second Homes

Summer is almost here, and Baby Boomers are looking to take full advantage of their retirement. We’re not just talking about luxurious vacations; Baby Boomers have much bigger, better plans in mind. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reported that vacation home sales rose to 57% last year. While Baby Boomers want to make the best of...

Baby Boomers are on the Move

Baby Boomers on the Move

The Baby Boomer generation is massive and on the move. Beginning in 2015, the housing market is projected to increase. Why? Baby Boomers are asking themselves, “should I stay or should I go?” Most Boomers are already retired or approaching retirement. Retirement = FREEDOM: no more worrying about their children or staying where the money is! A...

Are you the 21%, 37%, 18%, or Other?

Generations Chart

Age IS just a number. The Millennial generation is not the only one partaking in real estate. The National Association of Realtors® (NAR) released a new report that illustrates how each generation affects real estate in multiple ways, but are each generations’ wants and needs in a home similar or different? With more Millennials ready...

Houses before Spouses

Houses before Spouses

The Millennial generation is walking a path opposite of that of Baby Boomer parents by purchasing homes before marriage. Single Millennials who want to live in a house are either moving into houses with friends, or purchasing for themselves. Many Millennial couples are moving in together–without putting a ring on it. Why are the Millennials...

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