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Learn How to Play and WIN!

Platinum borrowers: you have the opportunity to win 1 of 12 free mortgage payments!  Whether you’ve purchased or refinanced, follow these instructions to become the next borrower to get a mortgage payment paid by Platinum. How to enter in 3 easy steps: Once your loan is funded, you are officially eligible to enter the raffle. Your closing...

Staycation 2015


It’s Spring Break, and the news feed on your social media is blowing up with posts of your friends on planes or laying on the beach sipping a fruity drink–Jealous because you don’t have big plans?  It probably feels like the entire Facebook world is on vacation but you. Don’t let it ruin your break! Instead, give yourself something to...

Letter from the CEO

Happy New Year 2015

For almost a decade, there are people who have experienced feelings of buyers’ remorse since the economy could not support the value of their homes. We applaud the government relief programs put in place, such as HARP, to help people lower their monthly housing expenses. If you were able to benefit from a refinance in the past few years and...

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