7 Reasons You Should NOT Stop Renting!

7 Reasons you should not stop renting | blog.phmc.com

It’s that time of year again, your lease is almost up and you need to decide to either stay or go. But wait, this brings up a whole other question. Are you going to continue renting or make the decision to buy a home? Here is how to know if you should finally stop renting.


 Scroll over each image to REVEAL 7 reasons to rent:

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Those who dare to stop renting, click here

Contributed by: Joie Ferket

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  • Great post! It is all true and it’s a message that needs spread far and wide.

    The public does not seem to understand the meaning of your reason number one. The landlord pays for the mortgage, maintenance, repairs, property tax, and his PROFIT from the rent; PAID BY THE TENANT. They need to understand can pocket the profit along with much of the taxes, and costs by buying their own home.
    You may want to add an eighth reason to NOT stop renting.

    ‘You do not want to lock into the low mortgage loan rates of today.’

    We, as a nation, are living at near historically low interest rates! The lending guidelines have loosened and their is no excuse for not attempting to buy a home today. Of course, Platinum Home Mortgage Corporation is my recommendation as to where to start the home buying process! (I work there and see the superb terms and conditions available to buyers.) If you don’t check, you will never know… Get Pre-Qualified!

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