Unfortunately, the necessities and luxuries of life burn the largest holes in our pockets. Platinum wants to help you save money while purchasing some of these items from the most common companies and stores nationwide—online or in-store. Click each photo below for the links to dozens of coupons that may help keep money in your pocket.

Financial Resolution #3: Crazy for Coupons
Ah yes, when comes necessity, comes price! Healthy food items can be costly, no matter where you are shopping. Produce is one of the most costly items we purchase, as well as one of the largest items we consume on a day-to-day basis.
Baby Items
The prices of baby food, formula, and safety accessories can make our eyes bulge; however, keeping our children happy, healthy, and safe is constantly on a parents’ mind. Find great discounted prices on the link above for all types of products babies need.
Is your vision insurance plan not enough? Use this discount site and see the savings. Check out these discounted prices on both prescription and nonprescription eyewear.
Cleaning Items
We all try our hardest to keep our environment and ourselves fresh and clean. Items such as dishwasher and laundry detergents can be costly. Stock up on these household cleaning supplies using the coupon links provided.
Cable Television
Life’s necessities are not the only items we splurge on nowadays. We all work hard, and we enjoy all different types of entertainment during our free time. A popular form of entertainment is cable television, but how much is your monthly payment? Be a "Dish head" and cut your television cable bill by switching to Dish. You will reap all the benefits of switching your television cable company to Dish. How? Within the first year of switching to Dish, you can save up to $1,017.00 in the first year.
Flat Screen Televisions
It’s almost time to watch the biggest football game of the year! Upgrade your television, so you can get the best viewing experiences while watching television. Maybe plan a movie night with family, friends, or even the neighbors to relax and reward yourself after a week’s hard work.

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