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The new word on millennials is when they “grow up,” it seems as if they value investing their money just as important as any other generation. Though, they’re being smart with their money in different a way. While the rest of the population invested in the stock market, millennials find more success in real estate. Don’t believe it?

Hear it from Talia Ramos! At just 29 years old, she is the CEO of her own company, an independent Chicagoland investor, and National Asset Manager of Cagan Management Group. Her strong belief in the real estate market occurred to her when she started working at Rising Realty with top, award-winning broker and investor, Jason Shapiro. It was then she got a small taste of what kind of success real estate investing could bring her: “I realized how much profit I was providing clients … and quickly understood that with minimal investment and larger construction costs in rental/flip opportunity neighborhoods, the room for a long-term rental portfolio and profit in a flip was inevitable.” Currently, she manages about 600 rental units in the IL, WI, FL, TX, NJ and PA regions.

Scroll to read Talia’s interview on how she got started and built her success as a young real estate investor:

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The Millennial generation values investing their money just as important as any other generation. They trust the real estate market more than the stock market. PHMC interviewed Talia Ramos, a millennial independent chicagoland investor to find out how she got started and any tips for other beginner real estate investors. Find this image on blog.phmc.comclick to enlarge image

Smart Millennials Investing their Money in Real estate |

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