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A Special Thank you to the Flores Family |

A Special Thank you to the Flores Family

In honor of Veteran’s Day, Platinum Home Mortgage wanted to recognize and thank an employee’s family who served our country. Please help us thank, our very own, Estela Flores‘s son and daughter for fighting for our...

9 Ways to Show Dad is Betther than Mom |

9 Ways to Show Dad He’s Better than Mom

Remember all the times mom said no, but dad said yes? These are for all the procrastinators out there that still want to show dad they care. All of these low-cost gifts can be completed by Sunday! Which gift fits your dad best? Click each image...

Happy National Pi Day 3.14.16

Apple Pie, Cherry Pie, Home Pi

Did you know that Pi can be used to build and design the perfect circular home?  Use Pi to find….. Circumference: the perimeter, or exterior boundary, of a circular home Did you know? The exterior boundary (circumference) of a circular...

What kind of football fan are you |

What Kind of Football Fan are You?

By now, we all know that the big game taking place on Sunday is between Carolina and Denver. Since last year’s event drew 114.4 million viewers, this year’s game is sure to draw that if not even more.  Unless you’re a diehard Carolina or...

9 tips for the ultimate friendsgiving |

9 Tips for the Ultimate Friendsgiving

Traditionally, the holidays are supposed to be happy times spent with family around a dinner table, but that might not be an option for all of us.  For some, the holidays are a painful reminder of the perfect family life that is currently...

Happy zVeteran's Day from PHMC

Thank you Today and Everyday

Today is a special day for our country, as we honor those who have served and are still serving for our freedom. We would like to thank all veterans who have fought and fight for the land of the free. Please take a moment to recognize and honor...

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