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We have our 12th Winner!!

December Free Mortgage Payment Contest Winner |

The results are in and the final winners of the free mortgage payment contest are more repeat Platinum customers! Richard and Sherry H. have successfully closed four loans with Platinum, and it looks like the fourth time was the charm, because they are the latest (and final) winners of the contest. Richard and Sherry have completed many...

PHMC Wants to Send you to College!

PHMC Wants to Send you to College |

Your college years are indeed the best years of your life! Yes, there’s a 10 pound backpack and endless amounts of caffeine involved, paired with an overload of homework and lack of sleep. However, knowledge is power, and that’s not the only bonus from furthering your education. Hear it from some of our own employees: At PHMC, we want to show...

phmc WINter wonderland

November free mortgage payment contest winner: Chelsie and Kyle K |

The New Year is off to a great start for these lucky new homeowners in Idaho, because they just won a free mortgage payment from Platinum Home Mortgage! THE POWER OF WORD OF MOUTH When Kyle and Chelsie decided to purchase their first home they didn’t know where to start. Luckily, a family member (and recent Platinum customer) recommended that...

FED’s Decision: All the Good Stuff

The FEDs Decision: All the Good Stuff

Yes, it happened. The Fed’s decision to raise rates for the first time in over a decade is a buzzing topic everywhere. A common concern floating around conversations is “how will the rate hike affect me?” While higher interest rates have a negative connotation to some, despite the unanswered questions for the change, there is much...

Employee Spotlight: Lucas Schell

Employee Spotlight Lucas Schell |

Attitude is everything. That’s why Platinum is grateful to have an employee like Lucas Schell on the team! His clients and coworkers appreciate his positive attitude and the energy he puts into his work every day. He is committed to helping his clients achieve their dreams of homeownership, and is available to help them every step of the...

Keep the Money In and the Cold Out!

Keep Money in and the Cold out

The days are getting shorter and nights are getting colder! There’s only 5 days left until winter begins and hibernation mode sets in. We all dread the bone chilling weather that comes with winter, but with every negative comes a positive: ‘Tis the season to save money and enjoy the comfort of our own homes. Did you know one of the best...

Employee Spotlight: Andrea Broenneke

Employee Spotlight: Andrea Broenneke

Gold, silver, opal, and other rare minerals are not the only gems found in Idaho’s roots. Mortgage consultant, Andrea Broenneke is another gem to be discovered! She works hard to help Platinum customers settle into their homes to fully enjoy the snow-capped mountains, vast lakes, and steep canyons of Idaho. When she is not helping...

When it’s Time to Raise the Roof

When its time to raise the roof |

Ignoring something painful or expensive and putting it out of your mind may make you feel better initially, but that doesn’t make it go away. For example, not thinking about a credit card bill doesn’t make it disappear (in fact you’ll probably end up with a late fee on top of the original bill). What about a cavity? Ignoring it won’t make...

“Platinum Rocked my Socks Off!”

October Free Mortgage Payment Winner: Andrew L.

A young, Idaho family bought their first home just in time to cozy up this holiday season. Andy M. and his family have more to be thankful for this year than just their new home. Two days before Thanksgiving, they received the news that they won a free mortgage payment! We are honored to hear how Platinum affected a family’s past, present, and...

9 Tips for the Ultimate Friendsgiving

9 tips for the ultimate friendsgiving |

Traditionally, the holidays are supposed to be happy times spent with family around a dinner table, but that might not be an option for all of us.  For some, the holidays are a painful reminder of the perfect family life that is currently missing. Whether you are thousands of miles away, or maybe even experiencing some negative family vibes this...

Your House is your Largest Ashtray

Warning: Your House is your largest Ash Tray

There has been extensive research over the years on tobacco products and the harmful chemicals found in them: arsenic, ammonia, tar, and nicotine to name just a few. The number of cigarette smokers has dropped significantly as research reveals the disgusting truth about a bad habit that has been labeled harder to quit than heroin. We all know...

Everything’s Better with Biggers

Bruce Biggers | Rockford, IL |

Bruce Biggers, out of Rockford, IL, is a family man with 21 years of experience as a mortgage consultant. His service to northern Illinois as a mortgage consultant and branch manager has earned him a slot on the employee spotlight. He has served on many charitable organizational boards and has always been very active in the community. To learn...

Thank you Today and Everyday

Happy zVeteran's Day from PHMC

Today is a special day for our country, as we honor those who have served and are still serving for our freedom. We would like to thank all veterans who have fought and fight for the land of the free. Please take a moment to recognize and honor the Platinum family veterans we have working beside us each day:

Where in the World is Carmen Alberto?

Where in the world is carmen alberto |

Behind the scenes of any successful company is a team of dedicated and hardworking employees. Today, we are showcasing one of our valued team members: Mortgage Consultant, Carmen Alberto. Let’s find out what makes Carmen special!   Drive… Carmen is extremely driven. She continually sets the bar high for herself and pushes herself to...

Make your Home a Baby Safe Zone

Make your Hpme a Baby Safe Zone

They always say “the tiniest feet make the largest footprints in our hearts.” Though it’s true, babies also give you a run for your money, and of course, your sanity, as you constantly have to stay alert for potential dangers and hazards. Baby proofing your home before your child learns to crawl and walk is necessary to keep your peace of...

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