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8 Benefits to Help Veterans Buy, Keep, and Sell Homes

8 benefits of the VA home loan for eligible veterans. Find this image on

No one deserves the American Dream more than our veterans who fight to protect it. In a recent survey, veterans explain why they have not used the VA home loan benefit. Among the main reasons was lack of information on how to use their VA benefits. In 2016, VA home loan guarantees rose 12% from the previous year. Let’s continue to spread...

5 Easy Ways to Add Fall Décor to Your Home

5 Easy Ways to Add Fall Décor to Your Home |

No time to decorate, but would love to give your home that cozy fall vibe? Get inspired with these quick and inexpensive ways to add just the right amount of fall décor to your space. 1. Add fresh, fall floral arrangements around your home. For a more rustic feel, put them in mason jars. 2. Switch out your throw pillows with autumn-themed...

8 Grossest Places People Forget to Clean

8 Grossest Places People Forget to Clean

Do you know what the nastiest, germ infested places of your home are? If you dare, click through the images below to reveal some of the most disgusting places in homes we don’t even think about cleaning. WARNING: Images contain the ugly truth about your home you think is “clean,”click through at your own risk!  [listly...

Remember when… 1995 vs. 2005 vs. 2015

Remember when... 1995 vs. 2005 vs. 2015

My 20th year at Platinum is approaching! As I reflect back to my first year in 1995, it is hard to fathom the technological progress we have made over the years. Here it is 2015, and I remember the days when our offices were crammed with metal file cabinets. We had fax machines with rolls of paper, but the ink smudged easily and could not be...

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