16 Vacation Toys for Adults

16 toys for adults that are a must-have for your vacation home. Find them here at blog.phmc.com
Adults working full time in the United States report working an average of 47 hours per week (almost 6 days a week)! How do we keep our sanity? VACATION & TOYS are always a great place to start.  Sorry kids, these 16 toys are for adults this time!

• For your cabin in the woods 🌲:

 1. Outdoor hot tubs

Who doesn’t want a hot tub?! A relaxing, aquatic massage to enjoy any season? Yes, please. Release the tension in those aching muscles for once. You’re on vacation, and spoiling yourself is definitely on the itinerary. Cal Spas is one of the top rated manufacturers of customizable hot tubs, find a local spa dealer near you.

2. Gas grills

You’re on vacation, so you have to go all out on the grub: shish kabobs, steak, burgers, hot dogs, brats, YOU NAME IT. 🤤 All of the perfect summer foods are made best on the grill. Whether you’re a newbie or expert, these top grills of 2017 will have you eating like queens and kings your entire vacation. Enjoy!

3. Gas fire pit table

No better way to enjoy vacation than gathered around a fire on a cool, summer night. Entertain a large group, relax with a late-night cocktail, or roast marshmallows with the kids. Gas fire pits are lower maintenance and easier to start with the same cozy  feel of a good ‘ole camp fire, and yes…. they have them on Amazon!  So…pass the marshmallows, please.

4. Hammocks

On the days you’re begging for a nap and can’t have one, now is your time to make up for it. Sleeping outside also has health benefits and can positively affect your mood and hormone levels. Cuddle up with a book and blanket and get ready to take the nap you’ve been waiting for. 😴 You’ll sleep like a baby on these awesome hammocks. You can buy them or DIY for low cost!

• For your beach home 🌊:

5. Diving Masks

Ever have one of those moments where you see something super cool but no one’s around? Of course, they wouldn’t believe you even if you told them. The ocean is full of wonders! Check out this diving mask that has a built-in camera, so you can take photos AND videos while you snorkel. Then, when you have one of those frustrating moments, you can show proof and say “I told ya so!” (Just don’t forget to hit record 😂)

6. Waterproof Bluetooth speaker

Jamming out while playing beach volleyball or out on the boat all day is an absolute must, but you don’t want to risk dropping your phone in the water or burying it in the sand to never be found again. No more “shoot, where’s my phone?!” moments with this waterproof bluetooth speaker. You can blast your favorite tunes while your phone is successfully tucked away in a safe place. Rock on!🤘

7. Jet skis

Okay, for any one that has NOT ridden a jet ski or wave runner, you’re missing out. It’s a must-have in order to have a complete blast on the water. All the adults stressed out and over worked can actually feel like a kid again. You can buy jet skis or wave runners with different speeds and can seat 1, 2, or 3 people generally. The best part is you don’t need a slip to store it, most can fit in the garage!

8. Boat

Ah, yes, a day out on the boat. Tanning, fishing, tubing, day drinking, the whole nine yards. The sunshine and light mist in your face is worth the money. If you’re not looking to buy a large boat, check out these 3-person mini boats that are perfect for a day out on the water!

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• For your country cottage 🌾:

9. Cross country skis

A fully-body workout, burns lots of calories, reduces stress, improves cardiovascular endurance and health, should we go on? For those that love to be active, enjoy the great outdoors, and visit their vacation home all year round, cross country skis are perfect. Shop for the whole kit and caboodle at skis.com.

10. Snow mobile

A snow mobile is like a jet ski for cold weather lovers. Grab your warm jackets, gloves, and hats ’cause winter isn’t just for hibernating. No need to lounge around with one of these. Take a look at these snow mobiles for sale.

11. ATV

There’s nothing wrong with a little off-roading! Maybe there’s a spot near your vacation home you’d like to explore, or you feel like getting a little crazy in the mud, ATVs are great for either because they’re durable. If you’re a new ATV rider, here are some tips to keep your 4-wheeler in great shape.

12. Dirt bike

Why have 4 wheels when you can have 2? Just like riding a bike with little effort, I’ll take it. Whether cruising the terrain or learning tricks, dirt bikes are a great way to feel free. It’s time to let loose and have a little fun. Here’s some advice on how to buy the right sized dirt bike.

• For your home in the mountains 🏔️:

13. Hiking gear

Hiking a wooded trail or steep mountain might just be one of the most liberating experiences, but we’ll let you tell us. A day well-spent with mother nature can give you a great work out and relieve stress. Make sure you’re equipped with proper gear. Shop Gear Junkie for “Best in Show” gear for 2017 here.

14. Rock climbing gear

Climbing a rock might seem like a lot of work (and you’re right, it is) and absolutely terrifying (and you’re right again, it can be), but it’s something you should put on your bucket list. Yes, even if you’re afraid of heights. While rock climbing, it’s a struggle to get to the top but when you do, you’ll find yourself at peace and liberated with triumph. Try it with a professional first, and when you get addicted, buy your own gear here. See you at the top!

15. Skiing/snow boarding

Man skiing downhill

Some of us might have nightmares of tumbling down the mountain rather than gliding freely through the snow, but practice makes perfect. The beauty of the mountains will make it well worth it. Ski and snow board lovers say that the adrenaline rush compares to none like it. Whether you’re starting out small or going large, buy the best ski and snowboard gear here.

16. Mountain bike

Biking to another level! It’s fun and exciting, plus you reap the many health benefits while you’re at it: improved heart health, low stress on joints, improved mood, decreased stress levels, increased brain power, coordination, and balance. Click here to find out the best mountain bikes of 2017.

Enter to win one of 3 cash prizes: $2K, $1k, $500. New winners are slected eveery 2 months. Find this image on blog.phmc.com


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