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Happy National Pi Day 3.14.16
pi2_960x540Did you know that Pi can be used to build and design the perfect circular home? 

Use Pi to find…..

: the perimeter, or exterior boundary, of a circular home

Did you know?

The exterior boundary (circumference) of a circular home has “superior structural strength. A testament to round buildings around the globe, they are extremely good at withstanding severe weather including earthquakes, extreme winds, and heavy snowfall,” says Mandala Custom Homes. For example, the water from a flood or hurricane will naturally wrap itself around the home, rather than ripping through and damaging corners of a rectangular home. Check out this awesome, monolithic modern home! It’s exterior was built to withstand fire, tornado, and hurricanes.

Monolithic Modern Home - Asheville NC

Source: Forbes

Monolithic Modern Home Interior - Asheville NC

Source: Forbes

Area: the amount of space occupied by the circle

Did you know?

15-20% less materials are used to cover the square footage of a round home compared to a rectangle. A circle encloses the largest area for a given amount of perimeter. “The interior of round buildings also soften sounds inside the building making it the perfect place for rest or for socializing.” says Inhabitat. Take a look at this unique circular-shaped home found in Pszczyna, Poland. Its interior can be customized by its owner, creating as many or few rooms as desired! Talk about taking full advantage of space.

Polish Prefab - Pszczyna Poland

Source: Forbes

Polish Prefab - Pszczyna Poland 2

Source: e-architect

Surface Area of a Dome: the area of such an outer part or uppermost layer

Did you know?

Rounded roofs are considered safer in severe weather conditions like earthquakes, extreme winds, and heavy snowfall. A rounded roof has a less chance of ‘air-planing,’ meaning a strong wind lifts the roof structure up and off of the building. Modern materials, such as a center radial steel ring,  steel brackets, hurricane ties, bolts and steel cables, help give the roof flexibility and strength.

Why circular? Hear it from August Battaglia, the Design Director and Principle of FGM Architects:

“A circle or arc or curve is a dynamic form. The dynamic movement, as it relates to a person’s perspective within an environment, vanishes faster. Therefore a curved corridor or wall has more visual interest because your perspective continually changes as you move through an environment.”

West Extended Learning Area

Paris High School Extended Learning Area – Designed by FGM Architects

Mount Vernon HS v2

Mt. Vernon HS in Mt. Vernon, Illinois – Designed by FGM Architects

How many digits of Pi can you recite off the top of your head? Watch the general republic try in the video below:

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