Home Security at your Fingertips

Home Security at your Fingertips

Did you lock the door and shut the garage before you left for work this morning? Are your children safe if you run to the store for a few minutes? Did you lose sleep over that eerie noise you heard last night? You’re not the only one! We’re all guilty of obsessing–maybe a little too much–about feeling secure in our own homes. Could technology be the solution to easing your mind? We found these cool home security products that might help you have a stress-free cruise to work, a comfortable trip to the store, and a great night’s sleep!

Remote Door Lock:

Locking the doors is perhaps the most fundamental element of home security.  Because it is such a routine action we do several times a day, we may often not remember if we locked them or not! RemoteLock 6i aims to help! How might the “smartest lock on the block” help you feel secure?

  • It allows you to lock or unlock the doors via remote
  • It sends you text messages when a door is unlocked
  • You can create and delete codes through your computer or phone for friends, family, or babysitters while you are away

Break-In Prevention Lock: 

Haven is creating a smart lock that is designed to prevent forced entries into your home by being able to withstand far greater force than normal deadbolt locks.  Now, how cool is that?! How does it work?

  • A security platform installed in the floor at the bottom of your door that you raise and lower through your cell phone
  • When raised, it creates a barrier that keeps the door from opening, preventing someone from breaking down your door

Indoor Security Systems: 

It’s pretty much a given that an indoor security system is the best way to feel secure in your home. FrontPoint Security was rated the number 1 home security system in the nation! Here’s why:

  • Easy to use touch screen control panels
  • Frontpoint Mobile App alerts and live video
  • Intrusion sensors placed at every point of entry of your home
  • Alarm sensors can be placed on multiple surfaces:
    • windows and doors to keep intruders out
    • cabinets and drawers to keep children away from potential dangers
  • Stream of live video on your smartphone, tablet or laptop, as well as save recorded clips to view later!

Hidden Cameras: 

Do you ever wonder what happens around your home when you’re not there? You never know who might be sneaking around your home. Hidden cameras can catch anything suspicious. Guess where this discreet security camera is hidden—it’s in a light bulb.

Hidden Security Camera: iBulb
Image Source: Spy Goodies

Mobile App cameras: 

Nowadays, we use our phones for everything. Why not add another purpose to your smart phone? iCam is a cheap mobile app ($4.99) that allows you to monitor multiple live video and audio webcam feeds right from your phone.

  • Apple download here
  • Android download here
  • Note: Webcams are purchased separately.

iCam Mobile App

Image Source: Apple Itunes

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