Top 10 Tools for your Toolbox

Top 10 Tools for your Toolbox

Don’t leave those pesky, minor fixes as a frustration — DIY! You don’t need to spend an arm and leg to call in a maintenance worker to repair some of the little things that go wrong in a home. With these 10 top tools, your toolbox will carry just the right tool for your everyday fixes. With a quick YouTube tutorial and the right tools, you’ll become the handy person you never thought you’d be!

Level: Whether you’re a pro at eyeballing or not, this tool is essential for hanging decor on the wall…straight.

Have you ever seen a crooked painting at your friend’s house? They see yours too!

Adjustable Wrench: Is a constant drip from a leaking faucet driving you crazy? With an adjustable wrench, you don’t have to worry about wasting time trying to find the right wrench to fix the issue. These have a screw that adjusts the size to fit most hexagonal nuts.

An adjustable wrench is almost like a magic tool.

Flathead Screw Driver: These come in handy for multiple projects, but you may want to make sure you start with a set of at least three. Like nuts, screws come in different sizes. With a few large and small flathead screw drivers, you can handle most projects.

Flatheads can be used for more than just screws, they can open tough paint cans.

Phillips Screw Driver: Like we said earlier, be prepared for different size screws. This is one of the most common tools found in a handy person’s tool box. Some come with interchangeable tips, so you’re always prepared.

Most things in your household depend on the Phillips.

Hammer: From pounding or pulling nails to knocking out an entire wall, hammers can get the job done. They come in various sizes and weights for all types of projects.

Combine your hammer with your flathead to remove the unwanted tile.

Flashlight:  This one is pretty much a given! You can’t complete a project in the dark.

How many people have a flashlight, but no batteries?

Tape Measure:  Again with the eyeballing! With home projects, it’s best not to guesstimate, especially when it comes to purchasing the right size furniture or laying new flooring.

A tape measure can even help you keep track of your children’s growth spurts.

Cordless Drill: It’s portable and doesn’t require too much muscle when your hands are tired–enough said.

Everyone’s favorite tool until they forgot to recharge it.

Wire Stripper: A great pair of wire strippers are often overlooked until its missing from the tool box. You may not think you need one, but when you have a project involving wire, you’ll wish you had.

For electrical projects, make sure you turn off the electricity before you start–safety first!

Pliers: These can do what you wouldn’t want to do with your hands, such as pulling, gripping, and bending metals.

Pliers can protect even the most gentle hands.


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