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Platinum Boot Camp Success

I applied and enrolled into Platinum’s boot camp looking for a career change. I wanted an opportunity that would give me the chance to be rewarded based on my performance. I found out about the boot camp from an old work buddy, while we were both managers at a large car rental company. We were pretty sick of having to wash cars in a suit and tie, and Anthony Cummuta was starting up Platinum’s online branch. It seemed like a good opportunity, and I am glad I pursued it.

The sales portion of the training class focused on role playing various scenarios to ensure you are allowing the client to choose which loan is best for them. Anthony Cummuta stressed the importance of “leading them to the river and letting them choose which route to take.” That was a good analogy that I still think about to this day; I like to provide my clients with a detailed list of their various loan options and allow them to pick the option that suits them best. This results in a positive experience for the client, helps build lasting relationships, and allows me to become their loan officer for life. The boot camp also explained how every interaction with a client is the chance to further develop that relationship, so they remember me the next time they are in need of a home loan.

This is an excellent opportunity for anyone who is confident in his or her abilities to develop rapport with clients in-person or over the phone and earn the trust of people who you may never meet face-to-face. I also find it rewarding knowing that I represent a company that has the same values that I see important in conducting business. I know all of my clients are getting the best deal in the industry, and I save them a ton of money in the long run.

The aspect of this opportunity I liked the best was the fact that I could have the chance to advance my career based on things I have control over.  I knew if I was able to show I could consistently perform, I would be rewarded in the long run.  This is the type of career that is easy to measure production–so if you can produce, you can have an influence on what opportunities may become available for you.

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