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This can be the summer that changes everything! Platinum Home Mortgage is hiring new recruits to join our team and be part of the movement. Do you find yourself burnt out on the droning, repetitive flow of motion at your current job? Are you new to the workforce and ready to take on a competitive, fast-paced career option? You can be well on your way to a refreshing, rewarding, upgraded career in the real estate finance industry!

When push comes to shove, Platinum’s boot camp can give you the end result you have been dreaming or searching for–a long-term, successful career. If you have got questions, we have answers. Below is a list of frequently asked questions, giving you the ins and outs of this summer’s boot camp.

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How long will the boot camp last?

  • The boot camp is condensed down to an impactful, accelerated 3 weeks, consisting of normal 8 hour days with breaks included.

What are the dates of the boot camp?

  • Starts: Monday, June 8th, 2015
  • Ends: Friday, June 26th, 2015

Where is the boot camp held?

  • Platinum Home Mortgage’s corporate campus located in the Chicagoland area.

Am I responsible for any of the expenses?

  • No, the flight, lodging, transportation, food, and entertainment will be taken care of by Platinum Home Mortgage. You will have off days on weekends to explore on your own, be sure to bring some spending cash!

Are there any other requirements of me in order to join Platinum’s boot camp?

  • There are a few easy steps that need to be completed before you can be enrolled in the boot camp. Please contact us if interested or have more questions. Interviews will be held with location managers nearest you. Those who are a great fit will be enrolled into the boot camp. Good Luck!

If you’re ready to take a different path in life by starting a new, influential career option with Platinum, we are ready for you by offering an opportunity of a lifetime in a few short weeks. Please feel free to contact via email with any further questions you may have about our boot camp; we look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you there!

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