REALTORS®: Pizazz to Sell That Next Home

REALTORS: Pazazz to Sell That Next Home

REALTORS®, it is time to evaluate your marketing tactics and implement fresh ones to go with the Spring season.  Please know, we’re not just talking about spending a chunk of change on different advertising methods. These unique forms of marketing can benefit you by reaching your appropriate audience in all age groups, while keeping cash in your pocket.

blank241.  Candy Cartons: This site allows you to make your own customized candy boxes filled with your favorite treats. You can give these to your customers at open houses, marketing events, or on door handles. Everyone has a bit of a sweet tooth, so why not take advantage? It’s original and filled with delicious candies. They’re bound to love it!

2.  Custom T-Shirts: What better way to advertise than to wear your company logo? Don’t be afraid to get creative with this one. You can make dozens of variations of your company logo to give away at closings, open houses, and local events. You can also design t-shirts for local sports teams and charities in the community. There are multiple ways you can market yourself with something as simple as a t-shirt.

3.  Get Involved Online: Social media is increasingly popular, and it makes marketing easy. Through various social media sites, you can market yourself all over the map. However, not only is it important you keep up with your own profiles, but also interact with others’ social media. You can also get your profile out there using real estate websites like Zillow, Trulia, and

4.  Get Involved in the Community: It is your job to make yourself stand out. A perfect way of catching the eye of your community is to volunteer. It is rewarding and will capture your audience in a personal way. REALTOR Magazine is searching for 5 nominees for the2015 Good Neighbor Award. It is a way to get yourself out there to the community, and even the beyond!

5.  Car Wraps: There is a way you can market yourself everywhere you go! You can make money just by driving in your car. Create an original design of your own to make everyone’s heads turn. With car wraps, your vehicle becomes a moving advertisement!

6.  Sidewalk or Chalkboard Art: Advertise your real estate events and open houses right on busy street corners, sidewalks, parks, and grocery stores! With this idea, you can really get creative, and it is guaranteed that someone will pass by it.

7.  Postagrams: Postagrams give a new age spin on an old school favorite–postcards! Postagram is an app you can download to your phone or use on a computer. It allows you to create personalized postcards with images and text, and they are sent through the mail. Anyone can receive a postagram! You can use these to draw your audience in by sending them a link to your blog, social media, or even a free song or app.

8.  Oprah’s Favorite Things: Every year, around the holidays, Oprah announces her favorite things. Take advantage of her awesome, yet practical, gift ideas to use as marketing tools. Choose between items such as household appliances, stationery, key rings, card cases, and more!  Brand your company logo on the items and give them away at open houses, events, or housewarming gifts.

9.  Moving Day Kit: Congratulate your clientele by giving them a meaningful gift. A moving day gift is perfect, as it gives your clientele a sense of appreciation while giving them necessities and treats for their moving day. Here are some ideas to include in your kit: small toolbox,tea/coffee samplers, key chains, mugs, water bottles, toilet paper, and  hand sanitizer. You can even put your logo on the mugs or the key chains. Of course, include your business cards and let them know they can contact you at any time.

The same old marketing tactics can get boring, both for you and your audience. These 9 marketing ideas can help you to stand out from your competition in fresh, new ways. Spring is officially here, so people are going to buy! Now is your chance to use these marketing tools to keep customers coming this Spring season.

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