For the love of Apps: Capture Life with Cycloramic

You never know when you’re about to witness a priceless moment, and you’re only able to capture it with one frame. Make the camera on your phone a star by using the Cycloramic app to turn any moment into a top-of-the-line video or photo, in full 360+ degree viewsHere’s how:

For the love of Apps: Capture Life

With the Cycloramic app, you can capture a panoramic photo or video by standing your phone upright on a flat, smooth surface. Cycloramic then turns your phone, using the vibrating feature, and snaps the pictures or videos at multiple angles. YOUR camera just became hands-free! Now you can take family photos without leaving someone out of the final picture while he/she is taking the pic.

Cycloramic also appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank television show, where two Sharks invested $500,000 in Cycloramic. The app received approximately 100,000 downloads in 1 hour after Cycloramic’s appearance, meaning that the app made about $200,000 in 1 hour!


Weddings, Baby Showers, Birthdays, Vacations, & More!

Get ready to snap, edit, and share your photos right from your phone with the Cycloramic app! Cycloramic is the best way to capture moments that you want to keep forever while turning your phone into a hands-free, panoramic camera without having to shell out a large sum of money towards a fancy camera and tripod—the app is just $1.99! Cycloramic also allows you to edit and personalize your photos and videos the way YOU like them with stickers, filters, formats, and more. Then easily export it to your social media accounts.


Listings, Floor Plans, Landscaping, Room Decor, & More!

As professionals, we are constantly striving to find new ways to catch the eye of potential homebuyers. Use the Cycloramic app to take high quality photos and videos of homes for sale, inside and out. It’s easy and hands-free. That’s right, the app does all the work! All you have to do is open the app, click video or photo, and stand your phone on a flat surface. Cycloramic can even turn your phone to get a complete, 360 degree video of the home! Don’t believe it? Watch the demonstration video below on how Cycloramic works!

For the love of Apps: Capture Life with Cycloramic.  Panoramic Kitchen Interior.


Events, Meetings, Information, Holiday fun, & More!

With Cycloramic, Platinum now has a way to keep our customers and partners posted with what’s going on in the office! We are professionals, but we are human beings too. Why not give our customers a warm welcome by showing what Platinum is all about! Every year, we host multiple events, participate in many meetings, update new business information, and have some holiday cheer. Cycloramic gives us a chance to show off our business and employees!

Download for Apple

Are you an Android user? Cycloramic is not available on the Google Play store, but you can download a similar app called Camera 360 Ultimate. Download it here.


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